Men’s Beauty Treatments

Male grooming and the need to look flawless has increased significantly in recent years, with a number of men looking for solutions to areas that they feel slightly self-conscious about. With advancing technology making beauty treatments easier and more effective, along with the growing number of men heading to beauty parlours, male grooming is no longer a niche thing, it’s a necessity.

Modern men all over the world want to look fantastic at any age; after all why should women get all the help? There are countless skin and body treatments available specifically for men and salons are no longer female-only zones.

At Treasures Beauty we cater for men too and often find ladies are encouraging their guys to visit us. Soap and water no longer cut it…


When it comes to grooming a man’s eyebrows, things can be a little different from grooming a woman’s. For men, creating high dramatic arches is not always necessary. All it takes is a little trimming of the brows.

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Male Skin requires nourishment too. Lycon hot wax will help your skin look cleaner and smoother.

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A lot of hair can be seen on the cheeks aside from the beard, making your face look messy and sometimes darker than your natural color. Threading on the cheeks is a fast and less painful solution for this problem.

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Ear hair removal for men can be done quite easily and effective . We will remove those ear hairs which are taking away from your overall look.

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Waxing the Cheeks is another quick hair removal method besides threading.

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Men tend to get a lot of hair on their shoulders and it does not look very groomed. Shoulder waxing is a great way to get cleaner and smoother skin.

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Everyone deserves a pick me up every now and then to make themselves feel fresh and rejuvenated. Just like women, men encounter moments from time to time where they need to pamper themselves. Massages are a great way to relax and have many psychological and beauty benefits. Facials not only make you feel good in your own skin, but they can also improve the look and feel of your skin, helping you with breakouts or damaged skin.

  • Back Massage (30 mins)
  • Indian Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage
  • Men’s Facial (45 mins)

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