Lash Lifts

Lash lifts have rocketed in demand over the last couple of years. Why could this be?

The general trend surrounding the beauty world is a lean towards quicker, semi-permanent treatments – think millennial lifestyles. Instead of a lengthy beauty routine every morning, these clients prefer to sit down for one quick appointment that gives them a ‘woke up like this’ look that will last for weeks.

Lash lifts, like other popular treatments such as brow lamination and dermaplaning, enhance the natural features in a non-invasive and affordable way. Lash lifts don’t require the same level of maintenance as lash extensions, yet can give instantly noticeable results.

LASH LIFT(40 mins)

A lash lift is a very gentle perm for the eyelashes. Perming solution is brushed onto the lashes, which are then curled upwards against a lash shield to mould them into their new shape. Lashes are then carefully separated before the neutraliser sets them. The result is a wide awake look, as if lashes have just been combed and curled. Many clients like to follow their lash lift with a lash tint to enhance the illusion of length and volume.

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